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Asset Allocation, Rebalancing, Ongoing Management & Why it is Important

Throughout all cycles of the financial markets and regardless of your investment objectives, a well-devised and executed asset allocation strategy is central to helping you work toward your long-term goals.

Asset allocation, spreading your investments across several asset classes: such as stocks, bonds and cash equivalents to reflect your particular goals, allows your portfolio to participate in a variety of market sectors, while potentially minimizing overall volatility. Keep in mind, asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against loss.

Each client has individual needs and wants; therefore, Don P. Quint & Associates designs comprehensive strategies with the goal of a blend of investments tailored to your personal goals, time horizon and risk profile. Our process encompasses setting investment objectives, establishing weightings and various asset classes, choosing specific investments and making adjustment as circumstances dictate.

Ongoing management of your assets and periodic rebalancing is a process which we believe to be essential to the long term success of your portfolio. Rebalancing is designed to ensure that the allocation of your assets remains in line with your stated investment objectives. Because the relative performance of various asset classes will vary, portfolios that are not reviewed on a regular basis tend to drift from their target allocations. Our firm is dedicated to providing the investment services you expect; your portfolio will be reviewed on a periodic basis, and adjusted when needed to help maintain the optimal allocation of your investments.