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A Four Year Grad?

A Four Year Grad?

| May 29, 2019

School is finishing up and summer is almost upon us.  My wife and I just moved our daughter home after completing her freshman year of college. She only changed her major once. . . So far!

According to the US Department of Education, 33% of undergrads change their major at four-year colleges. Almost one in nine students working on a bachelors degree change their major twice.

Is it any wonder some students take more than four years to get an undergrad degree? College is tough and most freshman I’ve been around don’t know how to select a major. They haven’t been exposed to a lot of different disciplines. 

The good news: A 2016 study found that students who change majors tend to graduate at a higher rate than those who don’t change majors.

All of which, as a parent, makes it difficult to figure out how much we need to save for our kids' college educations.