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What's Up With Kids of Today

What's Up With Kids of Today

| May 22, 2019

According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal (4/20/2019) only 20.2% of 16 year-olds had driver's licenses and less than 50% of 17 year-olds had a license.  The share of 16 year-olds getting their licenses was nearly halved since the 1980’s.

I couldn’t wait to get my driver's permit, which in Kansas was at the age of fourteen.  Looking back, are you kidding me? I could barely see over the steering wheel, but I was driving and wanted a car.

If driving isn’t that important to the youth of today, how important will be owning a car?  Will new ways of transportation like car sharing, electric scooter and Uber cause more disruption to the car industry?